Plagiarism? Clarence Larkin and the Seven Church Ages and Seven Seals

Clarence Larkin and his book “The Book of Revelation” and William Branham’s Core Doctrines

Rev. Clarence Larkin (1850–1924) was a Baptist Bible teacher and author. His book “The Book of Revelation” was published in 1919. William Branham mentioned that he had read Clarence Larkin’s work, and he appears to have relied heavily on Clarence Larkin’s material to form the core teachings of his supposed “End Time Message”. William Branham claimed that his teachings on the seven seals in the book of revelation were given to him by his angel, but in fact, those teachings were Clarence Larkin’s work published 44 years before, in 1919.

Most branhamites believe that William Branham is the only Bible teacher to teach that the first horse rider was the anti-Christ. Also, William Branham gives credit to his angel for the teaching that the souls under the alter in the fifth seal were the Jews (Rev 6:9-11). Both of these are Clarence Larkin’s teachings published in 1919.

You can read Clarence Larkin’s book at this link: The Book of Revelation – by Clarence Larkin – 1919


The Church Ages Doctrine

The First Church Age (Ephesus)

The Second Church Age (Smyrna)

The Third Church Age (Pergamos)

The Fourth Church Age (Thyatira)

The Fifth Church Age (Sardis)

The Sixth Church Age (Philadelphia)

The Seventh Church Age (Laodicea)

The Seven Seals

The First Seal (A White Horse)


The Future Home of the Heavenly Bridegroom and the Earthly Bride (Aug 2, 1964, Jeffersonville, IN)